Meet the Experts





Nancy is another one of our customer-turned-loyal-employee. After 10 years of life on the other side of the counter, she joined the staff in 2006. Since then, she has put her degree in business/fashion merchandising to good use as she helps keep the store at the top of its game. Nancy is the proud mom of three kids, and she loves spending time with family and friends, cooking, and volunteering in the community. When she has the time, she loves to visit fabulous restaurants with her husband and shop for equally fabulous shoes.


When you find the ideal jeweler for your team, it’s as exciting as finding that perfect gem. And Bruce is one gem of a jeweler! His attention to detail and extraordinary craftsmanship have earned him a reputation as one of the region’s most talented jewelers. The proof is in that shiny AGTA Spectrum Award he won in 2005. When he’s not creating art from metal and gemstones, Bruce’s hands are on a fishing rod or a cooking utensil. But his heart is always with his family, who he loves to spend time with.


Bronwyn is all about diamonds in the rough. Literally. She joined Plateau Jewelers in 1999 and was only the second person to do so. Bronwyn comes from a long line of diamond miners and cutters (though her father wouldn’t teach her to cut diamonds because he considered it a dirty environment). Call it heredity or teenage rebellion, Bronwyn went on to get her hands dirty making and repairing beautiful jewelry. Outside the shop, she loves to read, cook, and revel in her family time.


The desire to be closer to her kids lured Denise from sunny southern California to the Pacific Northwest. She has always loved the sparkle of diamonds and couldn’t turn down another opportunity to work with them again. Denise is also a pianist and enjoys teaching lessons to more than 20 local students. When she isn’t at Plateau Jewelers or teaching piano Denise enjoys spending time with her family and playing with her grand kids.