White Gold vs. Platinum

How do you choose between white gold and platinum?  There are 3 reasons to choose platinum over white gold.  First, platinum prongs wear better than white gold.  On average white gold prongs wear out in approximately 10 years.  Platinum prongs on the other hand should last for 20 or more years.  Second, platinum is a nice crisp silver color.  White gold is slightly yellowish compared to platinum (remember it started out yellow) and so a coating of rhodium helps white gold look like platinum.  Over time the rhodium wears off revealing the true color of the slightly yellowish white gold.  When your white gold ring starts to look a bit yellow come see us.  Rhodium can be reapplied and we only charge $55 to plate a ring with rhodium.  Finally, and this is less of a consideration, platinum is hypoallergenic.  No one is allergic to platinum.  White gold is made “white” by adding nickel to the alloy.  There are a handful of individuals that have a sensitivity to nickel.  For those few, platinum is the obvious choice.

Another consideration is the cost.  Platinum is a bit more expensive and a bit heavier than white gold but, as of today, the price difference isn’t enough to sway you to white gold.