What Makes A Diamond Sparkle?

Why Diamonds Sparkle: The Cut of the Gem

Diamonds are often considered to be one of the most valuable gems in the world. This is because they are hard, durable, and beautiful. They also have a long history that dates back to ancient times when people believed they were created by lightning striking rocks or that diamonds were tears from deities. Diamonds sparkle for many reasons, but there is something special about their cut. This blog will briefly discuss how their cut affects their sparkle.

Quality of the Polish

The quality of the cut has a lot to do with how well it emits light. The better the polish, the more shiny and smooth it is. There are three different levels of diamond polishing: good, very good, and excellent. A diamond with an “excellent” level of polishing will reflect light perfectly whereas a diamond with a “good” polish level will have some unevenness and dull spots. A diamond with an “excellent” or very good level of polishing is expected to give the most sparkle, but diamonds with a lower quality cut can still be beautiful, although they will be less shiny.

The Symmetry of the Facets

The symmetry of the facets is defined as how well they are aligned. The fewer misalignments there are, the more light can be reflected and refracted inside of it. Diamonds with a high level of symmetry will also have a “brighter” sparkle than those with lower levels of symmetry. When the symmetry is at a high level, the light will be emitted perfectly and create an intense sparkle.

Proportions of the Facets

Proportions refer to the angle and placement of the facets. The more exact the ratios of width/length or depth, etc., are, the more sparkle a diamond will have because it allows for better light refraction and reflection. This is why a well-cut diamond emits more sparkle than one with a poor cut even if its color and clarity are the same.

Are all Diamonds Cut Well?

The short answer is no. Most diamonds are not cut as well as they should be. One reason is that the cutter’s skills were never perfected or that they lack the proper equipment to do so. Another reason is that some cutters will compromise cut quality to improve weight retention. Higher weight retention means that there will be more diamond remaining after cutting because less rough diamond is cut away. However, most diamonds with an “excellent” cut grade lose at least half of their weight during cutting. A good cutter needs to have a high level of skill and be willing to cut away more weight in order to produce a well-cut stone.


Diamonds are one of the most valuable gems in the world due to their durability and sparkle. The cut is the reason they have such a strong shine and reflect so much light, but not all diamonds are cut well. This blog article briefly discussed how their cut affects their sparkle.