When it comes to diamonds’ four Cs, color, clarity, cut, and carat, it is vital to note that some have a greater impact on the price of polished loose diamonds than others. While everyone focuses on the carat, the diamond cut is the most important price tag aspect. 

Knowing how the cut affects the price of an engagement ring might help you save a lot of money. It also aids in figuring out which of the four C’s to prioritize in your budget. Please keep reading to determine the most expensive diamond cut, why, and how its price is calculated.

Why is Diamond Cuts Important?

Diamonds are cut to enhance light performance, which includes the brightness, fire, sparkle, and overall aesthetic appeal when light strikes them. A rough diamond is one that is opaque and has little to no shine until it is cut and polished. 

Diamond cutting creates faces (or facets) that refract and reflect light to your sight, giving the illusion of a glittering gemstone. Since the angles, positions, shapes, and sizes of facets define the diamond’s sparkle, the kind and quality of cut directly influence light performance. As a result, while some cuts are cheaper, others are more expensive.

The Most Expensive Diamond Cuts

Generally, there are 12 different diamond cuts available in the gemstone industry. Depending on the craftsmanship and polishing loss they undergo, the price of these cuts differs substantially.

The heart-shaped, oval cut, brilliant cut, and Royal 201 are the most costly diamond shapes. This is because they undergo more polishing loss and intense craftsmanship.

On the other hand, the princess, baguette, and radiant cut are the least costly diamond cuts. These are cuts that are square or rectangular in shape. They are also quite popular these days due to their stunning and unexpected sparkle.

Plateau Jewelers specializes in producing unique masterpieces. If you are unsure which diamond cut is appropriate for you, we are ready to speak to you about designing a customized wedding/engagement ring to suit your needs.