Past years have brought a startling resurgence of vintage-inspired diamond cut shapes and designs, and the Asscher Cut diamond doesn’t disappoint. The diamond-cut brings out clarity, making it one of the most popular stones for women around the world.

What Is An Asscher Cut Diamond?

An Asscher Cut diamond is an octagon-shaped diamond with multilayered facets, creating square shapes of three rows on top and three on the bottom. The sophisticated and distinguished step-cut draws the eye to the gorgeous and mesmerizing center stone that maintains its elegance that highlights flawless clarity and design. The Asscher Cut diamond was designed in 1902 but gained popularity in the 1920s and later in 2002.

Features Of Asscher Cut Diamonds

  • Clean look: The Asscher diamond features straight-edged facets with brilliant cuts, giving the diamond a unique, clean look for a perfect engagement ring for your partner.
  • Vintage appearance: The diamond has 58-72 facets and brilliant square shapes that present an arrangement of unique vintage appearance.
  • Octagon shape: Asscher Cut diamonds include characteristic square shapes with equal length and width. However, angled corners give it the exclusive octagon shape, making it a perfectly cut and subtle center stone.

How To Choose An Asscher Cut Diamond

Owing to its exclusivity, selecting the ideal Asscher Cut diamond requires patience to learn its transparent, dark, and white stone thresholds. Here’s how to choose an Asscher Cut diamond;

  • Color: Differentiating color grades between warmer tones of G-H color grade and cool icy tones of color grade D-F can be tricky with the naked eye. Always consider Asscher diamonds with color grade ‘G’ and above, using a color scale.
  • Clarity: Clarity depends on personal preferences to find a genuinely flawless diamond that complements your bride-to-be. Hence, choose a VS1 clarity grade or higher to guarantee an eye-clean look.

Why choose An Asscher Cut Diamond?

The Asscher diamond presents a prodigious optical illusion with its sparkling nature, similar to Emerald Cut diamonds. But, again, the shape is close to a natural diamond crystal with minimal wastage during cutting. Asscher Cut diamonds also include elongated shapes with ratios above 1.05, giving these stones a longer, narrower aesthetic for a perfect diamond engagement ring.

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