What Is A Diamond Simulant?

People have tried to simulate diamonds for millennia.  Our article discusses simulated diamonds and their characteristics in detail and how one can distinguish them from natural diamond.

What Are Diamond Simulants?

Diamond simulants are other cut stones that imitate the appearance and look of the actual diamond. They have some physical characteristics similar to the original diamond.

Characteristics Of Diamond Simulants

Here are a few characteristics of diamond simulants differentiating them from natural diamonds.

  • Sparkle: many imitations exhibit too much colorful sparkle. This is what differentiates simulants like moissonite from natural diamonds.
  • Setting: diamond simulants are usually set in cheaper metal than diamonds would be set in. They are generally mounted on silver or gold plated jewelry.
  • Price: this is one of the signs that a gem is a diamond simulant. 
  • Fluorescence–  diamond simulants usually fluoresce differently than diamond.

Popular Diamond Simulants

Most diamond simulants are popular, but their chemical composition and quality differ. The common ones include:

  • Zircon
  • Cubic zirconia
  • Moissonite
  • White Sapphire
  • Glass

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