What Is A Baguette Diamond?

Since the Art Deco era, baguette diamonds have been on the market as a contemporary and fashionable cut.  The magnificent diamond cut should be on your purchasing list. Here’s everything you should know about baguette diamonds.

What Are Baguette Diamonds?

Baguette diamonds are step-cut diamonds usually utilized as accent or side stones. They have 14 facets and are long, tapered, or rectangular.

Features Of Baguette Diamond

Baguette diamonds are either classified as tapered or straight. They feature 14 facets which are fewer than other diamond cuts, which have over 50. They are tiny, hence their use as accent stones in jewelry items. The well- defined facet is a distinctive characteristic of a baguette diamond that gives sparkle and brightness.

Baguette Diamond Settings

A baguette diamond creates excellent options for side stones in a three-stone arrangement. Here are some of the settings:

Channel Set Baguette Rings

Baguette diamonds are ideal for channel set rings. The setting is sleek and classy, with diamonds embedded into the metal connecting to the main stone.

Vintage Baguette Rings

Baguettes are excellent accents for unique vintage settings. Baguettes give variation to rings with more round diamonds, offering a different kind of sparkle than rounds.

Ballerina Diamond Rings

If you want a ring with striking beauty, ballerina halo rings are an excellent choice. Unlike the hexagonal halo, this setting has baguette diamond rings facing outwards in a radiant form.

Why Choose Baguette Diamonds?

Unlike the other step-cut diamonds, baguette diamonds have fewer facets. Therefore, their intrinsic brilliance is lower. Different diamond cuts may get away with less clarity since the numerous elements assist in hiding any flaws. Because of their design, baguettes are prone to dulling and chipping. However, baguettes have a charming minimalist modern aesthetic making them ideal for accent pieces.

A baguette diamond is an excellent cut for a stunning look. You should consider it if you want to add some variety to your wedding ring.