What Does TDW Diamond Mean?

TDW is a common term that you’re likely to hear about
 diamonds. When shopping for an engagement ring or necklace, you should consider the size and weight of the diamond. So what does TDW diamond mean? 

What Is TDW In Diamonds?

TDW stands for “total diamond weight.” The total weight of all diamonds in a jewelry piece is called TDW diamond. For example, if your ring has a large center diamond and three tiny diamonds on every side, the TDW comprises all four diamonds. 

It’s crucial to note that the weight of any other metal in the piece is not included in the TDW. The diamond’s weight, clarity, carat, cut, and color determines the worth of the gem. 

How Is The Weight Of A Diamond Measured?

The measurement of a diamond’s weight is in carats. A single carat equals 200 milligrams meaning that 5 carats equal a single gram. The term “points” is commonly used when the weight of diamonds is less than a carat. 

Today, the size of a diamond is represented by the carat weight. But the carat weight of a diamond is not equal to its size. The size of a gemstone is influenced by its shape. 

How Is TDW Calculated?

The shape determines the formula for calculating the weight of diamonds. The average diameter of the gem is calculated by adding the width and length of the stone and dividing by two. The average diameter is multiplied by the exact diameter times the depth of the stone. 

For a round diamond, multiply the value by 0.0061, and for an oval-shaped gem, multiply by 0.0062. TDW formula of a heart-shaped gem is calculated by multiplying the length by width by depth multiplied by 0.0059. When all the gemstone values are added together, the total diamond weight is found. 

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