What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Welcome to Plateau Jewelers, your beacon of style and trust in Sammamish, WA. Today, let's explore the topic of lab-grown diamonds, offering a balanced view for our discerning customers.

The Nature of Lab Grown Diamonds

The Crafted Brilliance

Lab-grown diamonds, also known as synthetic or cultured diamonds, are created in controlled laboratory environments. They mimic the properties of natural diamonds but it's important to recognize them as a category distinct from the natural gems mined from the earth. While they do exhibit similar visual characteristics, lab-grown diamonds are, in essence, a sophisticated replica.

The Creation and Value of Lab Grown Diamonds

The process of creating these diamonds involves advanced technologies, replicating the natural conditions under which diamonds form. However, it's crucial to understand that while they offer a less expensive alternative, their value proposition is different from natural diamonds. The rapidly changing market dynamics and decreasing prices of lab-grown diamonds mean they hold a different place in the world of fine jewelry.

Ethical and Aesthetic Choices

For some, lab-grown diamonds offer an ethical choice, presenting a conflict-free and environmentally mindful option. However, at Plateau Jewelers, we believe in providing clarity and choice. We see the allure of natural diamonds, treasured for their rarity and unique journey from the earth to the showcase, as irreplaceable.

Plateau Jewelers: A Tradition of Authenticity

Our mission at Plateau Jewelers is to honor the true essence of fine jewelry. This means embracing both tradition and innovation, while always prioritizing authenticity and enduring value. 

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At Plateau Jewelers, we are dedicated to guiding you through the world of diamonds, both lab-grown and natural. We respect your preferences and aim to educate and assist you in making informed decisions. Our range of services, from custom design to jewelry repair, is grounded in a philosophy of quality, trust, and transparency.

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