What Are Inclusions In Diamonds?

At Plateau Jewelers in Sammamish, WA, we believe in empowering our clients with knowledge. Today, let's explore the fascinating world of diamond inclusions. These natural characteristics are more than just imperfections; they are part of a diamond's unique story.

What are Inclusions in Diamonds?

Inclusions are the natural characteristics found inside diamonds. They are like fingerprints or birthmarks, making each diamond distinctively unique. Inclusions can be internal flaws, such as crystals, feathers, or clouds, formed during the diamond's creation deep within the Earth. These features, visible under magnification, are what make each diamond a miraculous piece of natural art.

The Role of Inclusions in Diamond Grading

Inclusions play a crucial role in diamond identification and grading. They affect a diamond's clarity, one of the four Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat) used to evaluate a diamond's quality. At Plateau Jewelers, our experts can help you understand how inclusions impact a diamond's appearance and value.

Types of Inclusions

Crystals or Mineral Inclusions:Tiny crystals trapped inside the diamond. They can be the same material (diamond) or a different mineral.

Feathers: Small cracks within the diamond, which appear feather-like.

Clouds: Clusters of tiny inclusions that can give a hazy appearance.

Inclusions and Diamond Beauty

While inclusions are often viewed as flaws, they can contribute to a diamond's unique allure. At Plateau Jewelers, we celebrate these natural markings as evidence of each diamond's journey from deep within the Earth to your exquisite piece of jewelry.

Choosing the Right Diamond for You

In selecting a diamond, consider what type of inclusions are acceptable to you. Some prefer a diamond with no visible inclusions, while others embrace these natural features. Our team at Plateau Jewelers is here to guide you through this choice, ensuring your diamond reflects your personal style and elegance.

Inclusions and Diamond Value

Typically, diamonds with fewer and less noticeable inclusions are more valuable. However, this doesn't mean that diamonds with more visible inclusions aren't desirable. It's all about finding the right balance between clarity and character.

Caring for Your Diamond

Understanding and caring for your diamond is essential. Regular check-ups and cleanings at Plateau Jewelers will ensure your diamond continues to sparkle brilliantly for years to come.


Inclusions in diamonds are markers of nature's beauty and uniqueness. At Plateau Jewelers, we appreciate the individuality of each diamond and can help you choose a piece that resonates with your personal story.

Visit us at Plateau Jewelers in Sammamish, WA, to explore our dazzling collection of diamonds. Let our friendly and knowledgeable team assist you in finding a diamond that's as unique as your love story. Together, let's uncover the diamond that speaks to you!