One considers various factors when looking for the perfect diamond jewelry. An essential consideration is the diamond’s clarity. A diamond’s clarity is the assessment of small imperfections or inclusions within the gemstone and on its surface. Inclusions affect the diamond’s clarity.

What Are Diamond Inclusions?

Inclusions are slight features and imperfections that develop because of the extreme pressure and heat present as diamonds form.

Most diamonds have some inclusions, and these imperfections are often noticed only under high magnification. Diamonds having large or many imperfections have a low clarity grade, making them less valuable.

Types of Diamond Inclusions

There are many types of inclusions in diamonds. They include:

  • Pinpoint Inclusions: These imperfections are small white or black crystals embedded in a diamond. They look like a small dot, and one can see them at 10x magnification.
  • Feather Inclusions: These inclusions are small fractures inside a diamond. They appear transparent and close to invisible or have a whitish feather-like look, depending on your viewing angle.
  • Diamond Cavities: These imperfections are deep or large openings on the diamond’s surface. They form when one polishes the gemstone. Cavities can trap oil or dirt, which darken and are more visible with time.

How Do Jewelers Grade Diamond Inclusions?

Independent labs use these criteria to grade diamond inclusions:


Gemologists check the inclusions’ sizes. The gemstone’s grade reduces as its inclusions’ sizes increase.


The diamond’s clarity reduces as the number of visible inclusions increases.


The imperfections’ locations affect the diamond’s value. Central inclusions affect the gemstone’s clarity more than inclusions at the bottom.

External or Internal Inclusions

Diamonds having external imperfections only are precious and internally flawless.

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