Start with Diamond Shape

Did you land on this page because you are engagement ring shopping (or window shopping)?

We’ll lay out our most basic tip early— start with diamond shape!

The shape of the diamond in your engagement ring is possibly the single decision that will have the biggest impact on the overall style. While metal, setting, and carat size will all play a role in your dream engagement ring, the shape of your diamond or other gemstone is often the first thing people notice and will make the biggest impact on your ring’s first impression.

The shape of a diamond can drastically alter the look of the ring, the way it catches the light, and how the stone sits on your hand. While not all shapes are created (or cut!) equally, the idea behind the most popular cuts is generally the same— to make a sparkly gem.  Each diamond shape has different facets and cuts that help to make the diamond shine to its maximum ability in that particular cut.

With many possible shapes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed looking at engagement ring shapes. Here is a quick overview of the most popular diamond shapes that you are likely to see while shopping for an engagement ring, and which might be right for you.


From the Jeweler: Start with Diamond Shape


The round shaped diamond is by far the most popular choice for engagement rings around the world, for a few reasons. Round is a safe bet if you aren’t sure what kind of diamond your fiancée prefers, as it is universally popular and shaped to capture the most light when worn. It’s also likely to please a woman with traditional style who doesn’t like anything too unique or funky.


The oval shaped diamond is regaining some of the popularity it once had.  Ovals tend to look bigger than many other diamond shapes and are a versatile shape that looks great with many different designs.  They are also a bit more affordable than round diamonds.

Square or Cushion

Eye catching and unique, the distinctive shape of a square cut diamond draws the eye as it stands out against the finger. A square shaped stone is best for women with long fingers, as it can make short fingers look even shorter.


The pear-shaped diamond is less like the fruit shape and more like a teardrop, with a rounded bottom that comes up to a pointed tip. Pear shaped diamonds saw a surge in interest in early 2018 when Ariana Grande wore a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring during her short-lived engagement to Pete Davidson. Sources said she was drawn to the ring because it reminded her of the teardrop emoji symbol.  Pear shaped diamonds are said to make short fingers appear longer and stand out thanks to the pointed shape, which refracts extra light.


The emerald is a rectangular shape with multiple long facets cut along each side to encourage the light to reflect and sparkle. These are called stepped cuts, and they encourage light refraction. This cut can make the diamond attract more light than other shapes like a round or square cut. Fashionable and unique, many celebrity women love emerald cut diamonds for both modern and vintage-inspired engagement rings.


Like the emerald cut, a princess cut is a variation on a geometric shape. While the top of the stone is a square or rectangle, the bottom side comes down to a point. This inverted pyramid shape is due to the beveled cut, which creates multiple beautiful facets. A relatively new shape, the princess cut originated in the 1960s and quickly became the second most popular shape for engagement rings, behind the round shaped stone.


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