This is our Public Service Announcement.  Having your engagement ring cleaned and inspected by a jewelry professional is much more important than you think.  We recommend you have your ring checked for worn prongs, loose diamonds, chipped gems, and cracks in the metal at least twice a year.  You can tie this to trips to the dentist if that helps you to remember to have your ring checked.  If we catch most problems soon enough we can repair your jewelry before anything really bad happens.

It’s sad but we talk to people every day that have lost a diamond from their engagement ring.  This is what we have learned: Diamonds usually start coming out at the ten year mark.  This is usually due to worn out prongs.  Take a look at the photo above and you can easily see why the diamond came out of the ring – the two outside prongs are missing.  If you look closer you can see that the prongs on the main diamond and other side diamond are thin and will likely break in the near future.  The prongs on the band look like they are in good shape except for the closest diamond.

So, set a reminder on your phone and come in to see us regularly.  You will enjoy how good your ring looks and we can spot wear and tear before it develops into lost diamonds.