How Long Does It Take To Make A Custom Ring?

If you are getting ready to propose, you probably want a special custom engagement ring that can symbolize your love. You might also have found out that a custom engagement ring is as affordable as a pre-designed one, with added benefits of being specifically made for you.  Therefore, knowing how long a custom engagement ring may take to make becomes important. Making a custom ring may take weeks or months depending on the design. Here is what you should know regarding the expected duration;

Research and Consultation 

The initial stage of making a custom engagement ring is to consult with professional custom jewelers. Here, you discuss the specifications of your desired engagement ring. Such details include your preferred size, shape, and the type of metal to use in making the ring. This initial consultation can take a few minutes or a few hours.   

Create a Custom Design

After the consultation is over, a custom jeweler designer will create a custom rendering of the ring. The ring will be designed and rendered according to your earlier submitted preferences. Everything you have chosen, such as metal type, ring size, and shape, and gems that will be in the design will be observed strictly. The whole process of design and rendering may take 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the complexity of the ring design.

Design Review

Here, you have the opportunity to review the rendered design before the ring is made. You can then approve it or request a modification of the design. At Plateau Jewelers, we work on your requested changes before proceeding with the next steps. Reviewing may take a couple of days. 

Creation of the Custom Ring 

After you have approved the digital design, the jeweler designer proceeds with the actual making of the custom engagement ring. The ring is made from your preferred metal and in the size and shape indicated by the computer rendering shown to you earlier.  

Once everything is in place, your custom engagement ring will be fully polished. This ensures that the ring looks stunning with a smooth and even finish. The metal is well assessed to ensure there are no scratches, dents, or any form of defect. The custom engagement ring is then cleaned to remove even the smallest impurities and dirt. Finally, the gems are precision set.  Making the custom ring may take 2 to 3 weeks depending on the design. 

Review and Delivery  

After your custom engagement ring has been completed, it’s time to review the final product. A picture of the ring is sent to you, so you can see what you expect on the delivery. After approval, the ring is packaged and delivered.

At Plateau Jewelers, creating custom masterpieces is our specialty. We love to design and craft your jewelry to make it match your exact desires and even exceed your expectations. You may learn more here