Can Diamonds Break?

Diamonds rank as the hardest substance known to man, and it is easy to think they are unbreakable. Well, all gemstones have vulnerabilities, and diamonds are not exceptional. So yes, diamonds can break, but in practice, it is very hard to break them. Read on to learn more about what breaks diamonds.

How Do You Break A Diamond?

Most jewelers, if not all, have pieces of chipped or broken diamonds collected from their customers over the years. It is possible to put your jewelry through wear and tear without knowing, especially if you have an active lifestyle. The girdle and sharp points tend to break more since this is where the atoms are strongly bonded.

While diamonds may not break from falling, powerful accidental blows can make them chip. Pressure build-up or “strain” in the stone can also lead to breakage.

How Do You Avoid Breaking Your Diamond?

You do not need to be overly paranoid about your diamond ring. They are created through intense heat and pressure, which makes them strong and durable. However, it is crucial to take the necessary precautions to avoid damage.

It would help if you were mindful about making erratic movements that could result in chipping or breakage. Avoid exposing your jewelry to harsh chemicals or lotions, and practice removing them when swimming. They are likely to weaken the integrity settings of diamonds, making them vulnerable to breakage. All we are advertising is being careful.

Can Broken Diamonds Be Repaired?

Professional diamond cutters can recut broken diamonds. Based on the level of breakage, they can cut the diamond to its original shape and style or suggest changes for improvement. If the damage is beyond repair, they will advise you on replacing it with a new one.

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