Can A Marquise Diamond Be Recut?

Diamonds are like the fashion industry that changes with time. A diamond cut that is popular today may not trend in the coming years. The Marquise diamond is an example of diamond cuts that have lost their popularity.  The once trending marquise diamond rings remain in drawers as modern shapes take their place. However, you can recut a marquise diamond into a classier look.

Significance of Diamond Shapes

The value of a diamond is attached to its shape and appearance. Each diamond shape has unique features that enhance its value. However, the trends in the diamond industry send some top-ranking diamonds to the back of the queue. The marquise shape has so far been relegated from the stylish diamond shapes back to old school. The good thing is that you can recut the diamond to give it a new appearance.   

Can You Recut A Marquise Diamond?

Do not conceal the sparkle of your marquise diamond ring in your drawers. If you no longer consider the marquise diamond stylish, you can recut it to a modern style. You can recut it into an oval or pear shape to increase its value and ranking. Oval and pear shapes are more elegant on engagement rings.

You can also choose to repurpose the marquise. If you have several small marquises on a wedding ring that may not make a new ring when recut, you can repurpose them into earrings. A recut will give you stylish stud earrings that help you display the love you once attached to your marquise diamond wedding ring. A recut can repurpose a marquise diamond into any jewelry that will help you stand out among your peers.

Where To Get Your Marquise Diamond Recut?

A recut can ruin your diamond if not done correctly. You may, therefore, need some assistance to convert your old school marquise into a classier shape. At Plateau Jewelers, we are glad to offer you a hand in the recut and repurpose of your marquise diamond. Call us today at (425) 313-0657 for more information.