We love to make jewelry. In fact, it’s something we do every day. Our passion for designing and finely crafting jewelry has even resulted in us winning a few design competitions. However, our measure of success isn’t the critical acclaim but whether or not our clients love our work. And of the thousands of pieces we have made – all but 3 have. Check out some of our work here.

4 easy steps to having custom made jewelry

1. Decide what you want  (Ring, Bracelet, Pendant etc).

2. Get a quote (We know you don’t want any surprises)

3. We build your jewelry (4-6 weeks)

4. Enjoy your new look  (We guarantee you will love it!)


Maybe you know exactly what you want. Or maybe you only know that you want something personal, something unique. Either way, we’ll take your idea and give it shape.


Does it cost more?

Custom made jewelry costs a bit more than off-the-shelf products. We liken custom jewelry to food prepared by a chef. You pay a little bit more but it is so much more tasty.

How long does it take?

We usually ask for between 4 and 6 weeks to make your new item. However, because we do all the work in our shop, we can potentially deliver a custom piece in a much shorter time.

What if I don’t like it?

Because we involve you in the process you are practically guaranteed to love our work. After our initial meeting we will meet two more times. Once to see the C.A.D. (computer aided design) rendering and another time to see the scale model of your item. We meet so that if changes need to be made we can make them along the way. Thus ensuring you are going to love our work.

And what began as an idea ends as an incredible piece of personal art.